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Q : Whether fuel additives have Calorific Value ?
A : Yes fuel additive generally has a GCV EQUIVALENT to fuel for which it is designed. But the dozing is so small that it does not have any significant difference on the total calories released in the system.

Q : Then how does fuel additive gives higher Energy Output.
A : Fuel additive improves combustion efficiency by minimizing un-burnt fuel, cooling effect of excess air in the system. & by recovering some combustibles from the sludge.

Q : Does fuel additive damages the storage tanks, pipelines, burners etc by its chem.. reaction ?
A :  If the ph value of the additive is close to 7 i.e. neutral , then question of Corrosion does not arise.. many manufacturers claims their additive is non corrosive  & immediate effect is not seen because dozing rate is in ppm. But still  it is advisable to check ph value by ph paper and to have lab certificate from the manufacturer. ( Burn – All has complied with this )

Q : Why Fuel additives are necessary when fuel can burn without it.?
A : Burning the fuel anyhow and burning the fuel efficiently has lot of difference like

  1. Burning the fuel with too much excess air – This creates cooling effect in the furnace.
  2. Burning the fuel with black smoke – This means excess creation of Carbon Monoxide i.e. you are releasing 75%  of energy ( i.e. 6000 Kcal out of 8000 Kcal) in the air thus adding to Global warming and loosing precious money on energy.
  3. Painful burning – i.e. Sputring noise in burners, discontinuous flame, no proper heat transfer, pipeline & burner chocking… etc. Burn-all takes care of all these problems just by its detergent and dispersant action.
  4. BF/BOT : mechanization concept